The Seed House

Seed Circles

Sharing Circles

A Sharing Circle is a group reflection activity focused on a topic of shared interest. Participants and leader(s) share their experiences and insights on the topic, for the purpose of expanding their consciousness, elevating their dignity through restorative dialogue, and gaining a deep understanding of collective purpose.

Learning Circles

A Learning Circle is a group activity in which participants gain knowledge and tools in a peer-to peer learning environment that honors the collective wisdom of the group.

Action Circles

An Action Circle is the final of the Circle triad. In Action Circles, participants define goals and create collective strategies to achieve them. Strategies for collective action grow out of trust and mutual understanding of each other’s struggles and gifts.

These circles are complementary; they can be used to move a group through an entire process from sharing to learning to action, or can be used as stand-alone activities.